A Winter Wedding at the Historic Baker Building

Luis + Abby | Lubbock, TX


“You’re welcome, Luis!” is what the best man, Xavier, said in his toast speech.

Though it was by his best man’s assist in how Luis and Abby started their relationship as juniors in high school, what they didn’t know is that they would continue dating for eight years and then choose to spend their life together. I feel that if anyone is ready to get married it is Luis and Abby. Dating in high school is one thing, dating in college is another, but to grow together through your first big life changes is a testament of true love. I do not know Luis and Abby as well as the rest of their close friends and family, but from the time I met Luis and Abby (and Brees) at their engagement session I could tell by the way they looked, talked, and cared about one another that they would have a strong marriage.

The wedding day began with the girls hanging out in the bridal suite and getting their make-up done, while the vendors, caterers, and event staff of the Historic Baker Building were preparing for the ceremony and reception ahead. In the previous post, Abby’s bridal portrait session at the Historic Baker Building shows how beautiful the building is, but today it was coming alive! Tables were being set, cakes were being brought in, all preparing for a long awaited and perfect celebration.

As the wedding preparations continued I got to meet Abby’s closest friends and see their excitement for her, as most have known Abby (and Luis) since high school or longer. Abby’s older sister, Alisha, said in her toast speech, “I want you to know, how much, I as a big sister, look up to you Abby.” Showing her appreciation of selflessness and kindness of her sister. As an older sibling myself this hit home to me. This is such a special compliment to give, because as an older sibling, you are usually the one with the weight of being looked up to growing up. Now, as a parent myself, I can only imagine the joy that their parents are experiencing.

I had so many favorite moments of this day, but the last I would like to share is when Abby and Luis exchanged letters that they wrote to one another. As, this was the moment of truth for both. I photographed each reading their letter separately and you will see these photos below, but you won’t see what they said. Abby and Luis both responded by fighting back tears and, “I’m going to have to read the rest of this later!”, from Abby – and “Wow, I’m ready!”, from Luis. I think this is such a sweet thing to do on a wedding day!

Everything was planned out so beautifully. If you have never been to a wedding at the Historic Baker Building in downtown Lubbock it’s a bit magical. The wedding party has a grand entrance by walking the length of the upstairs balcony and then back down the entirety of the ballroom floor of the 90 year old building; after the ceremony the building is then transformed into a beautiful reception.

To say this day was perfect would be accurate. Every detail was thought of and beautifully done. But, most of all, the love between and for Abby and Luis was shown throughout the day and evening! I would like to say thank you to Luis and Abby, and to your families for choosing me as your photographer and to be included in a mere glimpse of your relationship and the celebration of it. I hope to have captured the joy and love of the day, and hope you enjoy looking back on these images for the entirety of your life together!

Bridal Dress: Justin Alexander, Designer @ Lasting Bridal – Addison, Tx

Florals: Eventfully Yours

Wedding Planner: Julie Hodges, Eventfully Yours

Venue: The Historic Baker Building

Dj: Jeoff Hess

Cake: Brenda Hawkins

Catering: Gilbert’s Bar & Grill

Groomsmen and Groom: Mens Warehouse

Invitations: Minted