Historic Baker Building Winter Bridal Portraits

Abby | Lubbock, TX



Everything about this session was absolutely beautiful. When I arrived to meet Abby for her portraits, I walked up to the bridal suite in the Historic Baker Building thinking she would still need a few minutes to get ready – but I was literally speechless and stopped and gasped when I walked in as she was dressed and ready in front of the floor to ceiling mirror. Abby’s dress was made for her, and I’m not sure if anyone else in the world could pull it off quite like her!

Abby’s mom and aunt were there and were a lot of fun and a big help through out the session! I’m pretty sure I have said this before in other bridal blog posts but, bridals are one of my favorite sessions to do because its so much fun. There is no other time you get to wear your wedding dress, except for the wedding day and that day goes pretty fast and furious. Bridal portraits are a time you as a bride get to really feel like a princess and get to enjoy being in your dress with your mom, sister, or a couple of close friends.

I loved exploring the Historic Baker Building for Abby’s portraits. Usually I take bridals outside, but in December the Baker was an excellent indoor option! Abby and Luis also just tied the knot at the Historic Baker Building and I will have that post coming shortly!

Thank you to Abby, and your mom and aunt for exploring the building and going along with my ideas for your session! I hope you love the blog post! Enjoy!!