5 Ways to Reduce Stress on Your Wedding Day

Wedding days are supposed to be perfect, not overwhelming, and enjoyable. I am glad you found this post if you are in the wedding planning process because I am going to give you the cheat sheet for wedding planning, like when your teacher says, “pop quiz! but you get to use your book!”

Hire a Wedding Planner

If hiring a wedding planner is out of your budget, consider a day-of coordinator! It’s a great idea to have someone who is not a family member or friend (and someone who does this professionally), run the logistics of your special day. Your enjoyment of your wedding is their #1 priority! They will correspond with all the vendors, make sure the timeline runs smoothly and combat any battles that try to come your way.

Have a well-thought-out timeline

I advise you to seek help from your wedding planner and photographer when planning your timeline. Photographers work many weddings each year so we know how long things typically last. From the start of the day until your exit, you’ll want to have a play-by-play of when and where things will happen. Plan in some buffer time as well, especially in the ‘getting ready’ part of the day!

Minimize the number of locations

If your ceremony and reception are in the same venue/location, that’s AWESOME! If not, that’s fine too! But do yourself a favor and minimize the number of places you and your bridal party will need to travel to. Can your bridal party get ready at the ceremony location or very close to it? Think about the time it will take to move many people from place to place and adjust accordingly!

Complete a Wedding Day Questionnaire ahead of time (for your photographer)

I send my brides a detailed questionnaire 8 weeks before the wedding! It is SO helpful for me to understand the logistics and vision for your big day! I ask about any special moments planned, your other vendors, your family portraits list, etc! I’ve heard from my brides that it’s also helpful for them as well! Many realizations happen in this questionnaire that may not have been thought of yet! 🙂

Soak it all in, TOGETHER!

Your wedding day will fly by so be sure that you and your future spouse remember to soak it all in and bask in your bliss! YOU’RE MARRIED! Enjoy your meal together, dance together, enjoy your cake together. Let any stress or potential distractions roll off and celebrate the first day of your new life together!!

I hope this helps you reduce stress on your special day! If you want to chat more about your wedding and my photography experience, feel free to contact me!

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