Yellow House Canyon Engagement Session


My 30th birthday was spent photographing Brandon and Madi’s dream of an engagement session! Oh, and it was my husband’s second time ever as my assistant – which I was so incredibly thankful for. Though in all honesty, he was our snake bodyguard for the evening, because I am terrified of snakes! Which we didn’t see ONE – thank goodness!! I enjoyed every minute of this session, snake fear, and all! It was a West Texas photographer’s dream, other than the heat. We had a perfect canyon backdrop and the most gorgeous summer sunset.

Brandon and Madi met in high school while both being a member of their school’s band and are high school sweethearts. Madi described that their relationship was summed up through the song “Greatest Love Story,” if you have never heard of it, I have linked it here. Brandon and Madi have beautiful energy and connection between one another. I loved hearing their story and getting to know them.

Lastly, Brandon is a Fire Fighter for the Lubbock Fire Department, so I love that they wanted to include the flag – it was absolutely perfect! I am so excited for their wedding next year!

Here are a few of my favorites from their engagement session!