White Sands Destination Engagement Session


Well, this might go down in history of one of my favorite locations and couples to photograph. When Aspen mentioned doing their engagements at White Sands, New Mexico I basically replied with “YES, and WHEN!?” I thought it was so special that Aspen had a connection and many memories as a kid at White Sands. Also, how amazing is it that she COMPLETELY read my mind with her show-stopping red dress!!!! Holy wow, like make your jaw drop!

This session was one of the few that my husband joined in on the fun as my “assistant” and he did great – he was the perfect hieght to walk around and hold my flash as well as quick on his feet to toss Aspen’s gorgeous red dress about 20 times! ha!

I’m not sure we could have gotten a more perfect day out at White Sands, it was a warm Fall day but get this, the sand was so refreshingly cool on your feet – and you better believe I went barefoot the whole session!!

I am so excited about Jonathan and Aspen’s wedding day in March – they will be my very first wedding of 2021! WHAT! I know it is going to be awesome and that we will have a lot of fun celebrating their love! And with Aspen’s taste in dresses I know her wedding dress will be GORGEOUS!!!

These two are high school sweethearts, and watching them together at their engagement session – they are a true match. Jonathan’s love for Aspen was beaming in their session as well as Aspen in return. I can tell a lot about a groom from a 2-hour engagement session, and Aspen you have a good one! Lastly, I thought it was so sweet that they made a date out of their engagement session after we were done shooting and just enjoyed the dunes and the gorgeous sunset.

I hope you enjoy their session as much as I did!!!