West Texas Sunset Bridal Session


I am SO excited to finally get to share this bridal session with the world, Jacy and Cayden are MARRIED! This session was absolutely beautiful, we had PERFECT weather other than the August heat. The days before this session we had clouds or cloud cover at sunset, and I am so glad we got a gorgeous sunset with beautiful wispy clouds. Jacy was show-stopping in her dress and Moriah her rodeo horse showed off her modeling skills quite well. Jacy’s husband’s family has owned this section of land for generations and it seemed like a perfect place to take her bridals. Though we live in Lubbock and I have taken photos all over, there was just something about this session that made me feel a connection to my past. Maybe it was knowing Jacy’s relationship with Moriah and it reminded me of one of my best friends growing up as she had a similar relationship and love for a horse that she learned on. Or maybe it was being in the country which is where I lived for the majority of my childhood. Or maybe both! Well, enough sentimental reminiscing on my part!

Jacy was absolutely stunning and killed it modeling and guiding Moriah IN A WEDDING DRESS! Yes, you read that right. Moriah is her horse and SHE is the expert. Her mom and I were great moral support! I had so much fun getting to know Jacy more and telling stories about family.

Congratulations Cayden and Jacy on a BEAUTIFUL wedding and I hope you enjoy some of my favorites from her bridals!