Art Major and teacher,
turned  photographer
and designer.

Hi! I am Macalee.
I always have an idea brewing, while juggling being a mom, wife, photographer, and graphic design teacher.

As a high school senior if you had told me what the next ten years would look like, I would have laughed. At that point in my life I knew I was going to college on a golf scholarship to Lubbock Christian University, I was going to be an architect, loved to take photos and make things, and as soon as I graduated college I would never live in Lubbock again!

Well, some of those things happened - kinda. I did go to Lubbock Christian University and play golf on scholarship, BUT I did not major in Architecture - I actually went into college undecided and switched my major from Visual Communications after the first year to Art Education. I graduated college with a job (woohoo!) as a Middle School Digital Art Teacher at a local school in Lubbock (cue eating the words "never going to live in Lubbock after college") I learned A LOT, mainly about how to fix everything that a 6th grader can do wrong in Photoshop. But, like I said I learned a lot - a lot about how to use Adobe Programs and EDIT photos for my Photography & Design business (if you could call it that) on the side.

On the side of surviving my first year of teaching, I thankfully had some very trusting friends who hired me to photograph just about everything for them. I wasn't that great, but I kept practicing.

I met my now husband while I was at Lubbock Christian University, who saw my passion for photography and gifted me my first full frame camera from EBAY. He must have liked me a lot! ;) This was not the reason I married him, I married him because to this day, he still pushes me  out of my comfort zone and be who I really want to be. (I am also a bit stubborn and took many years for his continuous words to set in.)

In our first year of marriage, as a small town Texas girl, I moved to Los Angeles, CA with no job for my husband to finish out Law School. SCARY. REAL SCARY. I had no family, no friends... just me, him, and our dog. I applied to many positions at the university he was attending for Law School and finally was hired AT the LAW SCHOOL, working in the Communications and Alumni Relations Department for ALL lawyers and a former federal judge. I am positive I was the lowest IQ working in the office. But, this is where my buried passions took flight. I started as an event coordinator, and took photos (because I knew how and had a camera) and made all of the event designs (web and print) for the smaller events I helped run. Then I moved more and more into the role of photographer/designer than event coordinator up to the point of my husbands graduation at which I was 4 months pregnant. I am so incredibly thankful for my experiences in this roll as they have provided a foundation for my freelance professional work in photography and design.

I am assuming most of my audience reading this have not had children yet, I had not up until this point in my life either. (If you have then you know and understand what I am about to say.) They take over your world, y'all - in the best way possible, but seriously it's all about them.

But as a new mom, learning how to put my self last is actually when this little photography and design gig started to take off... on it's own, and I haven't looked back since - because it is SO MUCH FUN! Sure, this might be the most tired I have ever been - but I wouldn't change it for the world.  It's true the saying "If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life!" -  and for me it is Photography and Design.  I FREAKING LOVE IT!

Though in the last 10 years I have photographed almost everything imaginable I now focus on all things related to weddings, seniors, and the occasional family session. If you are interested in hiring me for designs check out my portfolio of what I have done previously and shoot me an email with what you are needing. I have created branding packages for businesses, designed t-shirts, posters and all kinds of print items. I would be honored to be your photographer and/or designer!


macalee's random


interior design

From age 11 I have been obsessed with all things interior design. I was that weird teenager who bought HGTV magazines instead of SEVENTEEN
(I know I am dating myself... do teens even buy magazines now?)

My dream has been to own a house and design it however I wanted.
Check out my home tour blog posts to see if I am as good as my 11 year old self hopes to be! ;)

Fresh flowers

I love to have them in our house anytime I can!

Peonies and hydrangeas are my favorite.

Fun fact: As an event coordinator I arranged MANY floral arrangements!

sweet iced tea

It's unhealthy, and extremely southern.

Are you really from the south if you don't drink iced tea?


I LOVE Target, probably too much.

I am also aware of how well I am marketed too by Target.

Positive I never come out ofTarget with only what I went in there for.


It's a problem.

At one point in my life I supported the local Starbucks daily, now I am restraining to special occasions like every Monday and Friday.

To get me through Monday and...

to celebrate that it's Friday! :)

j. crew

I love J. Crew. 

My entire wardrobe would be J. Crew if I could afford it.

That's All.


I grew up playing all sports.

My dad was a coach.

I was a coach... for a year.
I had to drive a bus = no more coaching for me. Seriously it sucks.

Oh, and I also played college golf - and we now live on the course I played on all through college. Ha!